Frequently asked questions

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What makes She Soars Psychiatry different? Let Owner & Founder, Audry Van Houweling, PMHNP-BC exlpain in the video above! 
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    Why Functional Medicine?
    Functional medicine aims to target the root cause of an illness or concern. This is especially important in mental health as traditionally, treating mental health conditions is primarily a trial and error process and rarely looks beyond reported symptoms. Psychiatric medications may help improve symptoms, but whether they restore true vitality and wellness  is questionable. Functional medicine offers a powerful, non- invasive, and sustainable route to restore emotional wellness leading to better outcomes and a greater quality of life. ​​​
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    What conditions do you treat?
    Depression Anxiety, panic Attention deficit and/or hyperactivity Autism spectrum disorder Fatigue, lack of motivation Mood fluctuations Pre-menstrual mood changes Peripartum mood and anxiety  Mood changes experienced during pregnancy Anxiety or mood changes related to trauma or abuse Insomnia Stress intolerance Appetite fluctuations Weight fluctuations Burnout Overtraining syndrome Seasonal mood changes History of substance abuse
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    I live far away, can I still be seen?
    At She Soars Psychiatry, LLC we welcome long-distance clients. We offer videoconferencing for all clients. It is required that we meet in person for your first session, but follow up sessions may be scheduled via our HIPAA compliant videoconferencing technology. Sessions over the phone may also be arranged. At this time Audry Van Houweling is licensed to see clients in Oregon and Washington state.
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    Do you see children?
    As a board-certified family psychiatric nurse practitioner, Audry Van Houweling, PMHNP is trained to treat clients of all ages. Our services are available for children 6 and older.
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    Do you see men or boys?
    Male family members or friends can play a critical role in supporting a woman or girl's progress. While She Soars Psychiatry, LLC primarily sees women and girls, we are open to seeing men and boys on a case by case basis. Male family members are also welcome to join sessions per the consent of the woman or girl being treated. 
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    Are there medications you do not prescribe?
    Medication management is limited to the management of psychiatric medications. If you are on other medications, we may suggest changes, but will ask that these changes be done by the prescribing provider or a primary care physician.  With the exception of a few special circumstances, there are some medications that are known to be associated with side effects that we feel jeopardize an opportunity for sustaining vitality and wellness. That said, if you would like to seek medication management and are on any of these medications, we would be happy to assist with developing a plan for gradual reduction and discontinuation. We can also assist in finding more sustainable alternatives including non-pharmaceutical options.