Medication Management
​​Ages 6 & up

At She Soars Psychiatry we believe emotional wellness necessitates a broader approach than pharmaceuticals. That said, medication can be beneficial in certain cases, but must be prescribed with full-disclosure about potential side effects.

We assist in finding a medication regimen that works best for you and your body. We can address concerns about long-term implications and concerns surrounding pregnancy or breastfeeding.

In order to maintain our model of holistic care, each client seeking medication management will start with a 90 minute FOUNDATIONAL session. Your experience includes:

1. FOUNDATIONAL session: 90-120 minutes in length, your first session will include a comprehensive review of medical and psychiatric history, medication history, social history, current lifestyle practices, and current stressors. The visit may include specific lab* and dietary recommendations.

2. PHARMACOGENOMIC TESTING (optional): Pharmacogenomic testing allows us to determine what medications work best with your personal genomic profile and also those medications that are likely to cause the most side effects. This eliminates much of the trial and error process and allows for a more scientific approach to prescribing medications.

3. FOLLOW UP sessions as needed: Depending on whether we opt to change your medication regimen, the need for follow up sessions will vary per client. These sessions may be completed via videoconferencing or in person.

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