After working in various mental health settings for nearly ten years, owner and founder of She Soars Psychiatry, Audry Van Houweling, came to appreciate both the pain and resiliency experienced by so many individuals struggling to maintain emotional wellness. Audry has worked in community mental health, residential, outpatient, and emergency settings. Audry has experience treating a wide range of mental health conditions including mood disorders, psychosis, anxiety disorders, co-occurring disorders, personality disorders, pre-menstrual disorders, post-partum disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and attention-deficit disorders.

Having been a prescriber for the past six years, it has been long enough for Audry to recognize that mainstream psychiatry may treat symptoms, but seldom identifies the source or roots of a mental health condition. While psychotropic medications allow for benefits in certain cases, Audry believes we must have a broader approach to treatment. After treating countless clients struggling with chronic disease, chronic pain, chronic stress, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal distress, nutrition, and fitness, it became clear to Audry that the impact these factors have upon emotional wellness cannot be ignored. Essentially, it is all connected!

Functional medicine appreciates these inter-connections and strives to tell the whole story of what a client is experiencing.
Having completed a post-graduate certification in functional medicine and nutrition from the University of Western States, Audry utilizes the functional medicine  framework to address the foundations of emotional wellness with competence and precision.

She Soars Psychiatry, LLC was born out of the belief that mental health diagnoses are not always permanent conditions and that non-invasive methods such as nutrition, fitness, supplementation, spirituality, social connections, and stress management, may have as much if not far more impact than pharmaceuticals.
Women and girls in particular demand special considerations in regards to hormone balancing, pregnancy, post-partum mood changes, and commonly experienced stressors. To help meet these special demands, Audry has been DONA trained as a postpartum doula and has additional training in bioidentical hormones beyond her training in psychiatry and functional medicine.
Like most Oregonians in her spare time, Audry strives to spend as much time outside as she can riding her horses, camping, hiking, running, playing sports, and enjoying nature. She treasures her time with family and friends and is always up for an adventure!


Audry Van Houweling, Owner, PMHNP-BC
B.S. Biology/Anthropology, Western Washington University
B.S.N., University of Wyoming
M.N. Montana State University
Post-graduate Certification in Nutrition & Functional Medicine, University of Western State
Trained as Postpartum Doula, DONA

Professional Organizations
Oregon Nurses Association
Institute for Functional Medicine
American Association of Suicidology
National Rural Mental Health Association
DONA International


Promote healing of the mind, body, and spirit through personalized methods that empower each woman and girl to SOAR with contentment, vitality, trust, and self-acceptance